Innensprechstellen Serie Kristallo

Videx is glad to introduce the Kristallo®, new line of intercoms and videointercoms which is characterized by smart design and valuable technology contents.


Among the several features which are common to all Kristallo® models, here are the most important:


“touch sensitive” technology (you can enter any function only lightly touching the corresponding symbol on the surface of the unit);

“hands free” mode(after answering the call by pressing the answer button, it is possible to talk “hands free” without using the handset which will still be available in all the other surface audio and video models for conventional use option);

“privacy” service(this service allows to stop incoming calls so as the unit does not turn on) - “additional service” (besides the “door open” service it is often necessary to use also an additional service such as “staircase light” or “driveway barrier”);

3.5” osd color display which is available for video units only (the user can carry out programming or adjustments through the onscreen menu); temperature sensor and “real time” watch are used for possible future applications in domotic systems.